“To make a difference, I truly believe you have to be willing to be uncomfortable, to be willing to share your message with people, and to really put yourself out there.” – The Incubated Author by Angela E. Lauria

After I read Lauria’s quote, my mind immediately began to reflect on the times in my life that I have sold my dreams short. Each time two of the same things showed up that eventually kept me from pursing my dreams — the word “uncomfortable” and the phrase “put yourself out there.”When I have stepped away from status quo in order to try something new in the past, I would sometimes find myself in a very uncomfortable space.  And because I didn’t like feeling uncomfortable, I would then go running back to status quo.  And when I stayed in that space too long, I would become complacent and uninspired.

Out of necessity, I finally developed a fool-proof process I can now use to help move me through fear and back onto a path of new ideas, daring moves and endless possibilities, I call it my….It’s NEVER too Late to Follow my DREAMS plan.

1. List your top two dreams.
2. Visualize how you will feel if you don’t achieve your dreams.
3. Visualize how you will feel when you do achieve your dreams.
4. Choose ONE dream to act on NOW.
5. Break down your chosen dream into six parts.
6. Choose one of the six parts to focus on first.
7. Break that part down into 6 smaller parts.
8. Choose one of the smaller parts as your first step and GeT iN MoTiOn!

Are you selling your dreams short?  If so, walk through these eight steps with a new perspective and get re-inspired about your dreams. And then GeT iN MoTiOn!