About SoNow

Learn about this empowering women’s organization, and the woman who started it all.

About SoNow

Learn about this empowering women’s organization, and the woman who started it all.

It all began by chance…

Founding the So Now Professional Network for Women is one of Jenn’s proudest professional accomplishments. The group’s philosophy of helping women to unite and raise each other up into their unique greatness is spreading rapidly with several new chapters springing up across Ohio. Their enthusiasm to help others is unmatched in the networking world.

Jenn passed away in June 2017 of ALS. Jenn had a vision and mission for So Now and she took great care to discuss and plan for the sustainability of this women’s networking group. She met with her Board of Inspiration to identify systems and procedures that would ensure the continued success of the organization.

What does ‘Be a Duck’ mean?

A few years after So Now was founded, Jenn decided that each year needed a theme. Each year’s theme has a specific purpose for being chosen and a special meaning that is integrated with each meeting. Past year’s themes include the Lion, Dance, Butterfly and the Sky. Jenn chose each year’s theme, and kept it Top Secret until the fall.

A few months before Jenn passed away, she had an experience with ducks in her backyard that gave her an epiphany. She saw these ducks as the women in So Now, who come together to empower each other to overcome any challenge. She shared the story at So Now meetings and in the blog post listed below. When choosing this year’s theme, we looked at Jenn’s inspiring words and knew that 2018 could only be the Year of the Duck.

From the words of Jenn Wenzke:

Recently someone asked me to explain the vision of the So Now Professional Network for Women. In actual words their vision statement is….To Create an Influential Network that Welcomes Women to Connect and Support each other While Pursuing their Dreams. Visually though, I was stumped, until one morning I was eating breakfast and looked out the window and saw an eagle circling the lake.

The determined eagle kept swooping down toward the water. Curious, I rolled over to the window and it was then I noticed why. There was a group of 15-20 ducks huddled together and the eagle was diving toward them hoping to grab one of them for his breakfast. Every time the eagle circled around the lake and prepared for another dive, the ducks would pull together, flutter their wings and escape under the surface of the water.

Time after time the same thing. Finally the eagle gave up after about 15 minutes and flew away. What struck me was how committed the ducks were to staying connected and supported by one another. Never once did they even think about leaving the group and going it alone. They knew instinctively they were stronger and more powerful together.

Then it hit me – The ducks were reacting just like the women of the So Now Professional Network for Women! When they face a tough spot they hook onto one another, combine their talents and gifts and together they become unstoppable, wiser and more confident. So much more than when they go it alone. Just like the group of ducks.

I LOVE IT…I now have the perfect story to help others remember the Vision Statement behind the So Now Professional Network for Women. To put it simply:

Be a Duck!

Our Board of Inspiration

When Jenn founded So Now, she knew she needed a group of women to help her grow the organization. These women are passionate about carrying on Jenn’s legacy, and continuing her mission to empower women in our community.

Starting with the top left and moving across:

Linda Everhardt-Kardux

Kathy Burrus
Green Hope Coaching

Carole Conner
Mary Kay

Kathy Crowther
Office Image

Debby Peters
Connext Nation

Carole Conner, COO

Carole Conner became Jenn’s right hand woman in 2015, and took over operations after Jenn passed away in 2017. Carole puts in countless hours each week, as she is committed to carrying on Jenn’s legacy through So Now and the Jenn Wenzke Business Award:

“Inspiring women to embrace their best self is one of my greatest rewards. I fulfill that dream by working as a consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics and overseeing the operations of the So Now Professional Network for Women.”

As Mary Kay Independent Team Leader since 2008 and the COO of So Now, Carole has shown time again how dedicated she is to helping women in our community.

Monthly Meetings

Lima: 2nd Tuesday

Toledo: 2nd Thursday

Findlay : 4th Tuesday


Women encouraging women to reach their unique greatness.



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